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What we doExdwarf helps organizations grow by knowledge and innovation

Business Analytics

The core competency of Exdwarf. In our analyses we apply range of quantitative methods, such as data mining techniques (varying from logistic regression and classification trees to neural networks), decision analytical models (multi-criteria models, decision trees, simulation-based methods), econometrical models (time-series, regression), and optimisation methods (linear, integer, multi-objective).

UAV services

Unmanned aircraft vehicles or commonly drones. We are testing these mighty little devices in EU project Floodserv for aerial surveillance of flood-risk areas. Drones are one of the technologies with a lot of research- and growth potential. As official pilot license holders, we provide services to monitor, record and analyse areas/regions of interest.

Project Management (R&D)

We participate in diverse projects covering full spectrum of activities ranging from requirements engineering, use-case definition, technical conception, software development, implementation, testing and demonstration. Our focus are Research, development and innovation projects.

Business Development

We also enjoy doing business development for products or services we believe in. Our main
focus is Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany

Scientific advisory

Covering range of R&D projects (EU projects, H2020, Research and Innovation, Innovation Action, SME Instrument) We advise all kinds of organisations in finding the right call, building a strong consortium and in writing a successful proposal.

Dissemination, communication strategy consulting


Why You Should Choose UsBased in the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava, Exdwarf consulting has been founded in 2012 by Tomas Koren (SVK) and Dr. Tommi Tervonen (FI) as business intelligence & econometrics oriented consulting and scientific advisory. Today Exdwarf offers range of services that cover business consulting, advanced analytics, project management (focus ICT, R&D and innovation projects), business development and exploitation services, dissemination, communication strategies, pricing and profitability optimization, electronic auction-training, - simulation and -optimization. The portfolio includes also scientific advisory, EU projects- related consulting and UAV (unmanned aircraft vehicles) surveillance services. In our projects we like to collaborate with network of experts with international work experience and excellent reputation. Exdwarf provides services to businesses, public organizations and consortia.


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Meet The Team

„Our mission is to support b2b and public organizations in achieving both strategic and short-term goals through combination of business- and quantitative-methods- knowledge, flexibility and orientation to results. We like to bring new perspectives via collaboration with domain experts different countries and cultures.
Our commitment to clients is absolute integrity & trust, quality, on-time delivery of services and focus on innovation.“

Tomas Koren

Co-founder & CEO+421 905 464 861

Dr. Tommi Tervonen

Co-founder, Senior Advisor+44 7788 237412

Peter Krchnavy

Senior Consultant+421 908 675 047

Ondrej Gajniak

Consultant, Legal Advisor+421 903 222 650

Pavol Malacky


Exdwarf Case StudiesUntil today Exdwarf have helped several companies and organizations across Europe to grow.

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