Future Policy Modelling, Intelligent tools for policy design

Homepage: www.fupol.eu
Project duration: 36 months
Overal budget of the project: 9 mil EUR
Consortium: 15 partners from 10 EU countries

FUPOL is an FP7 project, which has successfully developed products and has now started to exploit them on a worldwide scale. It provides a completely new approach to traditional politics building on major innovations like multichannel social computing, crowd sourcing and simulation. The project has developed a comprehensive new governance model to support the policy design and implementation lifecycle. The innovations are driven by the demand of citizens and political decision makers to support the policy domains in urban regions with appropriate ICT technologies. The outcomes of the project, designed in line with the FP7 ICT work program, include a new governance model to engage all stakeholders in the whole policy design lifecycle, a policy knowledge database, a cloud computing based comprehensive ICT Framework, multilingual training, piloting in Europe and China, large scale dissemination and a sustainable exploitation strategy.
The solutions developed have been tested and the project is moving towards worldwide exploitation of its results.

Role of Exdwarf:
Exdwarf has become official support partner for Slovakia and Czech Republic. Our role was mainly to provide dissemination services in Slovak and Czech republic and support exploitation of project results. To find potential customers in Slovak and Czech Republic, we attended several major IT conferences such as ITAPA Slovakia or APUMS. We did provide a scientific report, written by Dr. Tommi Tervonen.


Exdwarf enabled commercial cooperation with Slovak town Senec known for it’s booming tourism (https://www.senec.sk/sk) Senec chose to use FUPOL services for town policy modelling, social media monitoring for citizen’s feedback, opinion maps, survey creation and enhanced collaboration with it’s citizens via ICT and social media. With the help of FUPOL tools, we conducted several opinion surveys related to tourism, visual identity, town logo and preferences of citizens.

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