What we do:Exdwarf consultants provide professional advisory services to wide range of organisations in the following domains:

International business development

We are here to help expand your organisation’s foreign market activities by finding new partnerships, identify and access potential customers, join or create multinational project consortia, reinforce export activities or advise on setting-up operations in foreign countries. We provide professional advice on topics concerning international business management, dissemination and exploitation of projects.

The know-how:

Within our business development services we apply business-, market- and competitive intelligence methods. We have track of records in enabling multinational partnerships, joining & creating consortia and entering foreign markets. We are proud to be part of international network of experts covering different domains in research & development, IT software development, public administration & municipalities, NGOs and professional institutes such as Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute.

Project management and advanced analytics

We will be valuable partners for your organisation in all phases of agile project development covering project planing, budgeting, deliverables management and editing, project controlling, requirements engineering, use-case elicitation, stakeholders network building, workshops facilitation, independent software testing incl. solution-verification, -validation, user acceptance testing and end-user training.  Thanks to valuable experiences in niche innovation programmes such as H2020, SME Instrument or FP7, Exdwarf experts will help your project on the uneasy journey to get funded. We will support you in finding the right funding scheme, discover the most suitable call for your project idea, advise on building/joining multinational consortium and give a hand in drafting successful proposal. 

The know-how:

In our analyses we apply range of quantitative methods, such as data mining techniques (varying from logistic regression and classification trees to neural networks), decision analytical models (multi-criteria models, decision trees, simulation-based methods), econometrical models (time-series, regression), and optimisation methods (linear, integer, multi-objective). Co-founder, Dr. Tommi Tervonen is renowned researcher in the field of multi-criteria analysis and health economics:


UAV services: aerial monitoring & analytics

Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), commonly known as drones is one of the technologies with strong research- and growth potential. Aerial imagery captured by UAV offer flexible and substantially cheaper alternative to monitoring done by planes, helicopters or satellites. Broadly used in building & construction, property management, production, tourism but also in public administration or agriculture. Exdwarf is testing UAV  in innovation project Floodserv to monitor and analyse flood-risk areas. We capture rivers, dams and flood areas from air, analyse detected changes and risks with the help of territory monitoring system (TMS) developed by our Portuguese partner ANO Systemas.  Furthermore images captured with the help of UAV represent valuable data sources for image recognition analytics and provide innovative perspectives for all kinds of operations including research & development, monitoring or surveillance. 

The technology:

Since December 2017 we are officially licensed for UAV operation and imagery. Our expanding fleet currently consists of several semi-professional DJI drones capable capturing high-resolution video and pictures (4k) from air.